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How to use Digital Marketing to grow your small business

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

According to statics, 87% of buyers start searching for products to buy online. It’s a notable market size to not be a part of, and one of the biggest reasons why you should invest in digital marketing. Here are 3 more reasons along with tips on how exactly to do it.

1. customer relationships

Digital marketing helps you to build long-lasting customer relationships.

Every month over half a million new businesses are coming into the competition, so “losing” customers is a lot easier today than it might have been 20 or 30 years ago. But, if you know your target customers and your product, digital marketing is going to keep them coming for more and push your competition away.

Unlike in-store buying experiences, digital marketing is a tool to use a buying customer as the brand’s ambassador. you can do these low-price activities to get them there;

  • Use digital testimonials from happy customers on your website and social media campaigns as well.

  • Automated but personalized thank you and follow-up email campaigns at the right moment to the right people.

  • retargeting to have them try out a product that goes well with what they already bought.

2. You’ll easily learn your audience's needs.

Because for most small businesses it's a challenge to convert their leads into customers. Now they can identify their needs and can fulfill those demands.

Our Agency can use Digital tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc, and help you identify what your customers’ interests are, and what questions they had in the past, and approach them with a personalized, warm proposal and, convert them into your customers.

Don’t forget to also use our social media services which through that we learn about your existing audience to see what they like, and what keeps them up at night.

3. With digital marketing tools, you can have a multichannel approach to your targeted audiences to boost conversions.

Remember that your potential customers could be anywhere online so don't miss your shot!

  • For instance in North America, 28% of buyers search on Google before buying on Amazon, so small business SEO is one of the things you should give budget and attention to.

  • More than 3 billion people use social media.

  • 56% of customers explore their social media for product research purposes.

  • More than 80% of marketers who used video marketing said it's earning them “a good ROI”

Email marketing, Facebook and Google ads, Social media marketing, and many other digital marketing channels are tools that a small business can use to reach its audience and, in the end, get them to buy its product or service. Although Each of the channels has differences, once a strategy is created and preparations are made in general, it's not so hard to adjust the messages to different audiences and boost conversions.

Contact us today! and we'll take care of them for your business.

Hadi Abdi

Social Media Specialist

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