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Building a Strong Brand Image

Developing a strong brand image can be a challenge for many businesses that are just starting. A brand image is the perception of the brand that exists in the mind of the customer. A brand image comprises the brand's core elements, including brand philosophies, persona, products, and more.

Building a Strong Brand Image

How to Develop a Brand Image

  • Identify who your audience is. The target audience can vary significantly throughout different industries. You should ask questions such as: How old is my customer? Where do they go shopping? Do they have their own business? What groups are they affiliated with? By identifying exactly who your customer is, you can tailor your branding and marketing to target them specifically and draw them to your brand.

  • Define your persona. Your brand's persona is the image of the brand presented to your audience. When coming up with a brand persona, some questions to ask yourself could be: What will my brand look like? What is my logo? What is my product? What price range will I cater to?

  • Define your brand philosophies. These are the things that set your brand apart from the competition. A strong brand philosophy will help customers connect with your brand deeper and better align themselves with your brand vision.

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