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Automation Can Help You Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Automation Can Help You Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Automation Can Help You Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

What are the similarities between an alarm clock, a coffee machine, and an email marketing campaign?

They are all automatable.

What exactly is automation?

The use of technology to complete tasks that humans previously performed is called automation.

Automation in digital marketing uses pre-programmed rules and algorithms to simplify tasks like data sorting, email sending, and customer engagement - all while freeing up valuable time for digital marketers to create innovative strategies and campaigns.

Finally, automation enables digital marketers to achieve their objectives faster and more accurately than ever.

Why should you automate?

  • To save time.

  • To make room in the brain for more complex tasks.

  • To complete our to-do list more quickly and efficiently.

  • All of these arguments support the need for automation.

We live in difficult times, with increasing demands on large and small businesses.

However, complexity is not a new problem, nor is automation a recent phenomenon.

What are the implications of today's technological advancements in automation for digital marketing?

This post will look at four ways to use automation to improve your digital marketing strategy.

Here's a sneak peek; read on for more information.

  • Email Promotion

  • Social Media Administration

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing

Keep in mind that while automation may appear to be a quick and easy solution, an effective and long-term automation strategy necessitates:

Consider what aspects of your marketing efforts could be automated. Intention: determine your objectives for automating said task (s).

More reflection: consider what worked and could be improved; make changes as needed. Experiment: give automation a shot.

Maintain a Personal Touch with Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

We said it last year, and we'll repeat it: marketing automation is like having a second brain. Be bold and employ it.

Automated email campaigns are an excellent way to nurture leads and build customer loyalty.

Do you want to reach out directly to new subscribers, cart abandoners, or loyal customers on their birthdays? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, an email marketing campaign is right for you.

Your company can use email marketing campaigns to send welcome emails to new subscribers, abandoned cart emails to remind customers of items they left in their shopping carts, and happy birthday emails to loyal customers.

Remember that a human reads those automated emails, waiting to be wowed by your outreach. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild.

Implementing best email marketing practices will multiply your impact and increase your ROI (ROI).

Make Your Social Media Calendar Automated

It's no secret that having a presence on social media is critical for any size business in 2023.

While your company can be on some social media platforms, selecting the proper channels is critical.

How do you manage posts efficiently once you've chosen the most effective channels to amplify your content? Automation is your best friend when it comes to managing your posting schedule.

We understand that developing and implementing a social media strategy can seem overwhelming. Review our 5-Step guide to reduce your overwhelm.

Use Automation in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

According to Google, "15% of the billions of searches on Google every day are queries we've never seen."

Automation allows us to keep up with consumers, adapt, and anticipate their needs.

In practice, PPC platforms such as Google Ads have powerful automation features that allow businesses to set up and optimize campaigns more.

Automation can be used to:

  • Simplify keyword research.

  • Conduct A/B tests.

  • Adjust keyword bids.

Campaigns, ad groups, and ads can be enabled and disabled.

Create reports.

Consider this. The less time you manually adjust your campaigns, the more time you have for analysis and strategy.

While there are numerous ways to automate your PPC campaigns, select the most effective method based on your desired outcomes and goals.

Final Thoughts

With automation comes the opportunity to experiment with new tools.

Reflection, intention, experimentation, and more reflection are all necessary ingredients for a successful automation strategy implementation.

Human expertise and creativity are enhanced rather than replaced by automation.

Helia Mohammadi Social Media Specialist Adicator Digital Marketing Agency


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