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What Is Conversational AI: A Practical Guide for 2023

What Is Conversational AI 2023
What Is Conversational AI

Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms are used to ask about products and services. Can you help? Most firms can't monitor social media 24/7. Conversational AI helps here.

A conversational AI chatbot or virtual assistant can be a saviour with many questions.

Social media can benefit from conversational AI. It can boost team efficiency and help more clients faster.

Learn how your business can use conversational AI for social customer support and social commerce.

What is conversational AI?

Conversational AI (artificial intelligence) refers to systems that can "communicate" with people, such as virtual assistants or chatbots (e.g., answer questions).

AI technology can significantly improve the speed and efficiency with which consumer questions are answered and routed. Conversational AI apps are frequently utilized in customer support. They are available on websites, online retailers, and social media platforms.

How does conversational AI function?

Two functions essentially power conversational AI. The first of these is machine learning. Machine learning means that the technology "learns" and improves as it is used. It gathers data from its exchanges. It then uses that knowledge to develop itself over time.

As a result, your system will perform better six months after you add it to your website and even better a year later.

The second is known as natural language processing or NLP. This is the method by which artificial intelligence comprehends language. It can progress to natural language generation after learning to recognize words and phrases. This is how it communicates with your customers.

For instance, if a consumer approaches you on social media inquiring when an order will be shipped, the conversational AI chatbot will know how to answer. This is because it has prior experience addressing similar questions and recognizes which phrases perform best in response to shipping questions.

The top five pros of using conversational AI tools

1. Time-saving

In a perfect world, every customer would receive excellent service. Some clients will have more straightforward questions than others. A chatbot or virtual assistant can help you and your staff meet everyone's needs.

AI chatbots can handle simple customer service issues so that you can take the big ones. Conversational AI can handle multiple claims simultaneously, whereas you and your team can't. Both wait times are cut. It makes for a far more efficient customer service system.

2. Accessibility

You can only be available 24/7/7. Conversational AI overcomes this problem. Chatbots can support customers outside of work hours. It helps chatbots save time and addresses logistical difficulties, but there's more.

Conversational AI increases your accessibility, making customers feel cared for and at peace. Midnight may be the only time someone has to have a concern or issue resolved. With Heyday, shipping questions are answered in seconds. Virtual assistants can't solve every problem, but conversational AI can aid these clients.

3. Help buyers decide

Conversational AI can solve support tickets. It can also boost sales.

Machine learning can personalize client experiences. A conversational AI platform can recommend products or add-ons that clients may have yet to notice.

4. Sell outside of business hours

Conversational AI's accessibility helps clients make buying decisions. Sales can happen anytime when you run a business online. Customers' shipping, sales, or product questions when no reps are accessible can interfere.

A chatbot or virtual assistant can help. Because it's available 24/7, it can help anyone waiting for a checkout inquiry. It means faster sales and fewer people losing interest before completing their transaction.

5. No language barriers

Conversational AI removes linguistic boundaries. Most chatbots and virtual assistants translate languages. They can detect, comprehend, and produce nearly any language.

No language limitations hinder customer service interactions. Multilingual chatbots make your business more accessible to clients.

Helia Mohammadi Social Media Specialist Adicator Digital Marketing Agency

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