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The effect of COVID-19 on E-commerce sales.

How did the pandemic affect E-commerce sales?

According to Statistics Canada, sales from retail e-commerce reached $3.9 billion dollars in May, and it has increased in $2.0 billion worth of sales since February (99.3%) due to COVID-19

E-commerce has the potential to restructure Canada’s industry

The federal Agency: “Small businesses are increasingly turning into e-commerce platforms in innovative ways.” Since Canadians are continuing to choose e-commerce purchasing options, the ability to restructure the retail trade industry in Canada grows stronger.

This has also been a time for reflection as retailers who were often told/forced to get their digital side of their business in better shape have reached a point of realization that E-commerce would be the best current option. The same would apply to small business owners.

What will happen when shopping normalizes?

Michael Kehoe states that the spike in e-commerce sales isn’t very much a surprise. Though, as things normalize, shopping trends will increase as Canadians return to their favorite venues because retailers are the heart and soul of this country.

What Do You Think?

Given the shopping habits of the consumers, will the recent rise in online sales continue to grow?

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