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How do we raise brand awareness across social media?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Raise brand awareness across social media
How do we raise brand awareness across social media?

Social media is a tool for marketing and selling your brand at a very minimal cost.

However, you must be aware of the ever-increasing competition to catch your audience's attention.

When roughly 91 percent of retail firms use at least two to three social media channels to promote their brands, you can understand the competition on the platforms. Building brand awareness among your target audience might be complex in the face of such fierce competition. However, you may ace your brand awareness campaign by taking the proper steps.

Create social media contests.

The primary point is increasing brand awareness by making it simple for consumers to sample your product or service. This point also involves free items, but this time it's about leveraging a giveaway to get people to notice your business on social media.

The "tag-a-friend" entry format of social contests is a particularly effective technique to attract new followers to your social accounts and, as a result, build brand recognition. Collaboration with another brand or content producer will enhance the size of your prospective new audience even more.

Use social algorithms to your advantage.

For the time being, Instagram may have postponed changes to its suggested content algorithm, but recommended content is here to stay on Meta platforms. In their most recent earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg stressed this:

"Our AI recommends roughly 15% of material in a person's Facebook feed and somewhat more than that in their Instagram feed from individuals, organizations, or accounts you don't follow." We anticipate these figures will more than treble by the end of next year."

TikTok is, of course, driven by recommended material on the FYP.

Recommended material boosts your chances of being discovered on social media because it is noticed by users who do not yet follow you. That additional exposure is an intelligent method to raise brand awareness.

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However, as Instagram discovered, when it leaned too much on recommended content, individuals only liked what they liked. Having your content appear in people's feeds is only half the puzzle. To achieve proper brand awareness, you must create content people want to watch.

Run awareness-raising ads.

The social networks know that brand recognition is a critical business aim for many of the firms that use their tools, which is why they offer ads that mainly target awareness.

Which targeting strategy is better for increasing brand awareness? The particular term may differ depending on the platform, but it will always be something like Awareness, Brand Awareness, or Reach.

Meta explains the brand awareness goal for ads on their channels as follows:

"The brand awareness goal is for advertisers who want to show advertisements to those who are more likely to remember them."

The brand awareness aim provides the estimated ad recall lift (people) statistic, which indicates how many people we believe would remember your ad if we queried them within two days."

"Tell more people about your products, services, or organization by picking the Brand Awareness objective for your ad campaigns," says LinkedIn.

TikTok, on the other hand, refers to its branded hashtag challenge ad style as the "master of mass awareness" and one of the "largest and greatest ad forms for global and unmissable exposure."

In brief, brand awareness ads are a simple approach to ensure that your social advertising spends are spent on increasing brand awareness.

Helia Mohammadi

Social Media Specialist

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