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6 Christmas Sales Strategies That Can Easily Increase Sales And Engagement

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

6 Christmas Sales Strategies That Can Easily Increase Sales And Engagement
6 Christmas Sales Strategies That Can Easily Increase Sales And Engagement

This is the time of year when companies look at their income statements worldwide to see their bottom line. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday approaching, now is a great time to review your sales goals and develop a Christmas sales strategy to meet them through your holiday sales strategy for business growth.

So, what will your company do to ensure that your offerings are at the forefront of your customer's minds as they make spending decisions during the holiday season, which runs from Black Friday to the end of the year?

1. Provide loyal customers with special discounts.

As part of your Christmas sales strategy this year, why not give your customers a holiday gift from you to them?

As a result, offer special discounts to your most loyal and best customers on the things they buy the most, offering deals that they cannot refuse on the things they buy. As one of the most popular vendors of simple CRM, this is a great way to say Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah to your most loyal customers.

Always remember that it is much more expensive for any business to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones.

Another approach to holiday sales could be to give these loyal customers of your brand an even more significant discount if they refer your company to their family and friends... and those referrals eventually make a purchase.

2. Customize Emails

Especially for online e-commerce stores, but also for any other business that uses a sales CRM and has their email addresses and any additional introductory information on their customer's base sales history, it is great to be able to personalize and send emails by including their names and pertinent details, as well as even a suggestion for an item that you might think they would like based on their order history stored in the CRM database.

3. Make available gift certificates

How do you gift these items if you work as a hairdresser, auto repair shop, maid service, web developer, or professional organizer?

Of course, with gift certificates.

Who wouldn't appreciate a new hairstyle, a free oil change, a tire rotation, or a house cleaning during the holiday season?

Furthermore, gift certificates are an excellent way to cross-sell when you have many products and services to offer your customers.

As a result, promote your gift certificates on social media channels or send them to your email list customers.

4. Cross-sell

The months leading up to the holidays are ideal for suggesting items to complement the products and services your customers are already purchasing from your brand.

If a customer purchased a beautiful set of earrings last year, suggest a matching necklace for this holiday season, or if you are a hairdresser, cross-sell a salon-quality hair conditioner and shampoo set because cross-selling is a great way to add value to your existing customers and thus increase your holiday sales.

5. Send gift suggestions

Another Christmas sales strategy you can employ this holiday season is to send an email containing gift ideas tailored and customized to the people on your list, with subject lines such as "great gifts for coworkers," "gifts for mom," or "gift for neighbours," and so on.

Find out your brand's most popular items and who buys them, and then share that information with the people on your mailing list.

Remember that people will be grateful because most people run out of gift ideas during the holiday season for several difficult-to-buy-for people on their list.

6. Provide free shipping or unique delivery options.

Who doesn't enjoy a pleasant surprise?

As a result, feel free to think outside the box to increase your holiday sales.

It is no secret that if you run a small e-commerce store, you compete with giant global retailers like Walmart and Amazon, which offer multiple fast, free shipping options.

As a result, offering free shipping to your customers is another excellent way to craft the customer experience around waiting for and receiving their purchases during the holiday season, which can increase the revenue growth of your brand.


Finally, to show your customers how much you appreciate them this holiday season, send them a "thank you" card that has nothing to do with trying to sell them anything- they will understand.

Helia Mohammadi Social Media Specialist Adicator Digital Marketing Agency

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