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5 Must-Have eCommerce Checkout Optimization Tips For Your Site

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Checkout is the last hurdle your customers face before making a purchase, so it’s important to get it right. Customers can be put off by an overcomplicated checkout process and a lack of information about pricing, shipping, and delivery. As an eCommerce merchant, building trust is at the heart of the customer relationship. Asking customers to handover cash in exchange for goods they’ve only seen on a web page is already a leap of faith, so brands need to meet their expectations when it comes to safe and streamlined checkout. 

Checkout optimization isn’t just about your customer’s shopping experience, it’s key for brands too, as eCommerce businesses lose $18 billion each year through cart abandonment. Ensuring a well-designed checkout process is therefore imperative for generating revenue, as well as building customer relationships based on trust. The checkout page serves brands in more ways than one, as it is also a crucial method for gathering customer data which is extremely valuable in eCommerce marketing. The challenge then is to strike a balance between a checkout page that converts and collects data for brands, whilst providing a transparent and efficient process for customers. We’ve highlighted 5 key areas that brands can work on to optimize their checkout process for eCommerce success. 

  1. Streamline your checkout process

  2. Collect data strategically - identify organic influencers!

  3. Use opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell 

  4. Offer clear shipping & payment information

  5. Follow-up after cart abandonment 

Maryam Jam

Digital Marketing Specialist

Adicator Digital Marketing Agency

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