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Is Halloween going to be different this year?

Halloween will surely be different this year due to there being a global pandemic, and the fact that it falls on a Saturday with a full moon makes it much harder to not go celebrating the festival and trick or treating.

Why is Halloween different this year?

To avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19, the government has asked all individuals, including children, to stay at home. This means there won’t be any trick or treating happening which results in a huge dip in the sales of candies and treats.

The president of HRC Retail Advisory, Farla Efros, states that “Halloween is a significant portion of business for many retailers and candy makers.” She also says that “the lack of gatherings, office parties and trick-or-treating could lead to soft sales for retailers from grocers to specialty Halloween pop-up stores.”

How can people safely celebrate Halloween this year?

Bruce Winder (Retail Analyst) says that “families and friends might plan their own "bubble Halloween" like a backyard celebration or scary movie night.” Though he also states that even though some people will be buying costumes, candy, and decorations, it’s unlikely that sales will be anywhere near the usual amount of money that retailers receive at this time of the year.

Huzaifa Dean

Digital Marketing Specialist

Adicator Digital Marketing Agency


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