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Impact of COVID-19 on Video Advertising

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

How has the pandemic made an impact on Video Advertising trends?

Since the pandemic restricts many people from going outside, marketers have been struggling to advertise to consumers. Now with the use of technology, marketers have realized that Video Advertising is the best way to get any consumer's attention during this pandemic.

How and where is Video Advertising done?

Video Advertising is done by filming or animating a short video that explains the product/service you are marketing or introducing to the consumers. These videos are usually meant to persuade the audience into seeing the value in what you are selling which helps increase sales. An example would be the advertisements you see right before a YouTube video or the commercials that come on television. These videos mostly tend to be short and help market and advertise the product/service to the consumers.

Is Video Advertising going to be long term?

Since nobody has any information about how long this pandemic will last, it seems like video advertising will be permanent because of the heavy use of technology these days, and because of how many more consumers video advertising can reach out to.

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