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Has Social Media impacted the US elections?

Social Media's Impact on the US elections

It's no doubt that in today's world, social media plays a huge role in politics and how people are influenced by political parties. During the time of the ongoing US presidential elections, I believe most people can say that social media has had some influence on how we view the political candidates and parties in the election.

Why has social media impacted the US election?

Due to COVID-19, campaigners have really been forced to stay home, which has led to social networks being overflowed with influencers giving attention towards voting. Many celebrities have even open about their political views and which parties they will be giving their votes too and this has led to a major influence on their audience.

Instagram has added a feature where any posts that relate to voting or the election will be provided with a link that leads you to a website that gives you live information about the current status of the elections. (

Do you think Social Media is good for politics?

Given the fact that social media is being used more for campaigning and promoting, do you think it will positively impact politics?

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