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Best Platforms for Video Advertising

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

With today's technology, getting started in video advertising is easier than some may think.

You should know that video marketing is the present and the future of digital marketing is already the most important step you can take.

The first tool you need can fit in the palm of your hand. Using smartphones, you have a video camera and free access to video platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. These apps contain a wide range of features to help you put out promotional video content for your audience to enjoy.

Best Platforms for Video Advertising

Let’s take a look at some statistics HubSpot published this year.

Impressive right?

How to create a video advertisement

First, come up with an idea for your promotional video. Your video advertisement can be recorded in many different ways. You can showcase your product through a cinematic video, an in-depth video review of the product, a skit, or many other unique ways.

Record your video using any camera you have available. Smartphones are a straightforward solution for this step.

Next, create a social media account to upload your video. Various social media platforms can be more effective than others depending on the style of the video.

Finally, upload your video to your platform of choice. Remember to use features such as hashtags and more to help reach your desired audience.

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