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Digital marketing VS. Traditional Advertising

COVID-19's effect

In Canada, digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing since 2018. COVID-19 is currently the biggest reason digital marketing trends are becoming more common in the business world.

Canada's Ad spending

How COVID-19 has affected Canada’s advertisement market

Traditional media is dying down due to digital marketing’s uprise. Its estimated that digital marketing will take up 58.6% of total ad spending costs which was a 2.3% increase from the original predictions of 56.3%

The top advertising formats

Video and mobile ad formats are accounting for most of the advertisement spending. Predictions are that the spending on mobile advertisement formats will grow around 8% this year replacing the spending in desktop digital, accounting for 44.9% of total media advertisement spending. Video displays are estimated to grow by 3.6% as social media ads growing and are predicted to grow more.

How traditional ad formats are doing in COVID-19

There have been minor declines these many years, but traditional ads have clearly taken a major hit this year as outdoor advertising, radio, TV, and print are dropping significantly. Although, television still demands a significant ad market and stays the highest and strongest traditional ad vehicle.

Do you prefer digital marketing or traditional marketing?

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