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Welcome to your Google Ads plan!


We have conducted extensive research for your business, uncovering valuable insights about your competitors, targeted keywords, budget estimations, and suggested ad copies to optimize your online presence.


Your feedback is essential, so please take a moment to review the plan and let us know if you have any questions or would like to make adjustments. We are committed to working closely with you to achieve exceptional results for your Google Ads campaign.

Google Ad Campaign Plan

Padi electric

Analyze Source

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Target Audience:

Home and business owners in Canada.


Newmarket, Aurora, Richmondhill, Vaughn and Markham.

Campaign Summary




Number of Landing Pages: 

Number of Campaigns: 
Number of Ad Groups: 

Goals and Objectives

Your Keywords Statistics

In our Google Ads strategy, keywords play a crucial role in ensuring your ads reach the right audience at the right time. Understanding keywords and how they impact your ad campaigns is key to achieving success. Let's explore the basics:

  1. Keywords: These are the words or phrases people use when searching online.

  2. Monthly Searches: Shows how often people search for a keyword in your targeted area.

  3. CPC (Cost Per Click): The amount you pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

  4. Keyword Difficulty: Measures how hard it is to rank for a keyword based on competition.


Competitor research for sample keywords

In our Google Ads strategy, understanding your competitors is just as important as understanding your own business. By analyzing your competitors' online presence, we gain valuable insights that can inform our advertising approach. Let's delve into the competitor analysis section:

  1. Competitors: These are other businesses in your industry who are also running ads on Google.

  2. Traffic: This indicates how many visitors your competitors' websites receive in a month. It gives us an idea of their online visibility and popularity.

  3. Estimated Spend: This tells us approximately how much money your competitors are investing in their Google Ads campaigns for the same keywords we're targeting. It gives us insights into their marketing strategy and competitiveness in the market.


Google Budget Estimation

In this section, we'll discuss the budget plan for your Google Ads campaign. It's crucial to allocate the right amount of funds to ensure your ads reach your target audience effectively. Let's break it down:

  1. Monthly Spend: This is the amount of money you're planning to invest in your Google Ads campaign each month. It determines how frequently your ads will be shown to potential customers.

  2. Impressions: Impressions indicate how many times your ads are displayed to users. Your budget influences the number of impressions your ads receive.

  3. Clicks: Clicks represent the number of times users interact with your ads by clicking on them. Your budget also impacts the number of clicks your ads generate.

Ad Copy Suggestions

Welcome to the ad copy section of your Google Ads strategy! Ad copy is the text that appears in your ads and plays a vital role in attracting potential customers.

Suggested Titles

Wiring and basement wiring:

"Local Wiring Experts"

"Wiring Contractor in Newmarket"

'Wiring company in Aurora"

"Basement wiring service near me"

"Free online quote for wiring"

"Fast service at a reasonable price"

"House wiring services in vaughn"

"Wiring a finished basement "

"Trusted Local Wiring Repairs"

"Professional House Wiring Service"

"Reliable Wiring Service in Markham"

Panel upgrade:

"Top Panel Upgrade Experts"

"Local Panel Upgrades in Markham"

"Local Panel Repair Experts"

"Trusted Panel Repairs in Vaughn"

"Top Panel Upgrades in Newmarket"

"Panel Upgrade Services in Aurora"

"Free online quote|Panel Upgrade"

"Fast service at a reasonable price"

Replace commercial lights:

"Top Commercial Lighting Services"

"Best team for Lighting Upgrades"

"Fast Commercial Lighting Repairs"

"Best Lighting Installers company"

"Parking lot lighting contractors"

" Fast Services in Aurora & Vaughn"

" Services in Markham & Vaughn"

Electrician & commercial electrician:

"Trusted Newmarket Electrician"

"Best Aurora Electrician"

"Expert Electrician in Richmond Hill"

"Commercial electrician services"

"Pro Commercial Electrician Services"

"Professional Newmarket Electrician"

"Best Vaughn Electrician near me"

"Expert Electrician in Markham "

Suggested Descriptions

Wiring and basement wiring:

  • Get expert local wiring services from certified professionals. Quality, reliability, and safety guaranteed. Call now for a free consultation

  • Hire the best wiring contractor in Newmarket for top-quality electrical services. Fast, reliable, and affordable. Contact us today!"

  • Aurora's premier wiring company offering top-notch electrical services. Experienced, trusted, and ready to serve your wiring needs."

  • "Top-rated house wiring services in Vaughan. Expert electricians ensuring safe and efficient installations. Schedule your appointment today!"

Panel upgrade:

  • "Markham's trusted local panel upgrade services. Enhance your home's electrical system with our expert electricians. Contact us today for a quote!"

  • "Aurora's best panel upgrade services. Ensure your home's electrical safety with our professional electricians. Contact us for a free assessment!"

  • "Upgrade your electrical panel with Newmarket's top experts. Safe, efficient, and professional services at competitive prices. Schedule your upgrade today!"

  • "Get trusted panel repairs in Vaughn. Our experienced electricians provide quick, safe, and reliable repair services. Call us now for a free estimate!"

Replace commercial lights:

  • "Fast and reliable services in Aurora & Vaughn. From lighting to electrical needs, trust our team for prompt solutions."

  • "Comprehensive services in Markham & Vaughn. Discover reliable solutions for your lighting and electrical requirements."

  • "Need quick repairs? Our experts provide fast commercial lighting repairs. Ensure your business stays bright and efficient."

Electrician & commercial electrician:

  • "Markham's trusted electrical experts. Our skilled electricians deliver expert solutions with a commitment to quality and safety. Schedule your service today!"

  • "Find the best electrician in Vaughan near you. Dependable service and expert solutions for all your electrical needs. Contact us for a free estimate!"

  • "Richmond Hill's leading electrical experts. Trust our skilled electricians for professional service and dependable solutions. Contact us for a consultation!"

  • "Discover Aurora's best electricians here. Reliable, efficient, and experienced in handling all electrical needs. Schedule your service today!"


Basement Wiring Contractor in Newmarket | Fast service at a reasonable price

Hire the best wiring contractor in Newmarket for top-quality electrical services. Fast, reliable, and affordable. Contact us today!"


Coupons: Please be aware that the $500 ($600CAD) coupon offer mentioned may not be available for individuals who have previously created a Google Ads account for their business. The coupon offer is exclusively reserved for new accounts and is subject to specific terms, conditions, and eligibility requirements, which may vary based on the promotional offer and location.


If you have previously had an ads account or possess an expired coupon, you may consider using an alternative billing address or credit card when creating a new ads account. Although this approach does not guarantee eligibility for the coupon, we will make every effort to assist you in claiming it. However, please note that the final decision regarding coupon eligibility rests solely with Google.


We strongly recommend that you read the terms and conditions in the link provided below to ensure you qualify for the coupon, as these conditions are fully controlled by Google.

Competitive Analysis : The information provided in the "Competitors" section is intended for strategic analysis purposes. It highlights key metrics such as website traffic and ad spend of identified competitors. Please be aware that the competitive landscape on Google Ads is dynamic and subject to change.

Budget Allocation & Other Factors: Increased ad spend may contribute to improved visibility, but success is influenced by various factors. The decision to allocate a higher budget should align with your overall business strategy. Remember that advertising on Google Ads is competitive, and outcomes may vary.

Ad Copy Customization: The headlines and descriptions provided in this plan are offered as suggestions based on our analysis and expertise. We understand that your brand has a unique voice, and you reserve the right to customize ad copy to align with your specific messaging preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: Why am I not seeing results? I have been running my ads for 1 week now!

A: It's important to understand that advertising on platforms like Google Ads involves a process that takes time to yield significant results. Here's a breakdown of the timeline:

  • 2 Weeks Learning Period: During this initial phase, the advertising algorithm is learning about your campaign, audience, and ad performance. It adjusts and optimizes based on the data it collects.

  • 30 Days for Sufficient Data: To make informed decisions and optimizations, it's essential to gather a significant amount of data about your campaign's performance. This typically takes around 30 days, during which the algorithm continues to learn and refine its strategies.

  • 45 Days to Start Seeing Results: After the learning period and sufficient data collection, you can start expecting to see more noticeable results from your advertising efforts. This timeframe allows for adjustments and optimizations to take effect, potentially leading to improved ad performance and outcomes.

Patience and consistency are key during the initial stages of running ads. It's important to allow the algorithm enough time to learn and optimize before expecting significant results. Rest assured, with continued monitoring and refinement, your advertising campaign is likely to yield positive results over time.

Q: I am spending $300 a month, why am I not seeing results?

A: Your competitors may be investing significantly more in their advertising campaigns, which can affect the visibility and competitiveness of your ads. Additionally, with a budget of $10 a day, it may not be sufficient to outbid competitors or achieve prominent ad placements, especially in highly competitive markets or industries. We can review your campaign metrics to assess your current strategy's effectiveness and explore options for optimizing your budget allocation to improve performance within your budget constraints.

Q: I have a limited budget but I want to advertise all of my services.

A: We understand the importance of promoting all your services, even with a limited budget. One approach is to prioritize your high-value or high-margin services for advertising. Additionally, we can implement strategic targeting and ad scheduling to ensure your budget is allocated effectively across your services.

Q: I have a very limited budget but I want to run ads all over Canada and the USA.

A: While targeting a broad geographic area can increase your reach, it may not always be the most cost-effective strategy, especially with a limited budget. We recommend focusing your advertising efforts on specific regions or cities where your target audience is most concentrated. This targeted approach can help maximize the impact of your budget and increase the likelihood of reaching potential customers effectively.

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